Colby Covington: Professional UFC Career Record, Stats And Figures

Colby Covington is set to return to the cage to challenge bitterly hated rival Kamaru Usman in the eagerly anticipated rematch at UFC 268. The scorn the two share is palpable and fans rallied to watch the two enemies trade leather back at UFC 245 in 2019, where Usman retained his welterweight strap and ultimately exercised welterweight supremacy as he made it 15 wins on the bounce at the time. 

The two are preparing to meet at the iconic Madison Square Garden in New York on November 6 where Colby Covington will get another shot at the welterweight title two years since his last challenge. Ahead of the blockbuster bout “Chaos” is about to embark on, Sink Or Swim Sports takes a look at the full Colby Covington record, key career stats and his biggest accomplishments. 

Colby Covington Stats

Name: Colby “Chaos” Covington

Nationality: American

DOB: 22/02/88

Colby Covington Age: 33

Colby Covington Height: 5’11 ft

Colby Covington Reach: 72 inches

Colby Covington Weight Class: 170lbs

Professional record: 16-2-0

KOs: 4

Professional debut: 23/08/14

Colby Covington Record: Fight History

  1. Beat Anying Wang By TKO – 23/08/14
  2. Beat Wagner Silva By Submission – 08/11/2014
  3. Beat Mike Pyle By Decision – 23/05/2015
  4. Lost to Warlley Alves By Submission – 12/12/2015 
  5. Beat Jonathon Meunier By Submission – 18/06/2016
  6. Beat Max Griffin By TKO – 20/08/2016
  7. Beat Bryan Barberena By Decision – 17/12/2016
  8. Beat DongHyun Kim By Decision – 17/06/2017
  9. Beat Demian Maia By Decision – 28/10/2o17 
  10. Beat Rafael Dos Anjos By Decision – 09/06/2018 
  11. Beat Robbie Lawler By Decision – 03/08/2019
  12. Lost to Kamaru Usman By TKO – 14/12/2019
  13. Beat Tyron Woodley By TKO – 19/09/2020  

Colby Covington’s Biggest Fights 

Colby Covington vs. Anying Wang: Fight Night 48 – 23/08/2014

Colby Covington burst onto the UFC scene as he showcased his impressive fight locker against Anying Wang in his inaugural UFC fight. Covington was given three rounds to overcome Wang but he only needed one in the end.

Covington transitioned seamlessly from takedowns to ground pounds nullifying the battle-hardened Anying, Covington got his hand raised after referee Leon Roberts waved the bout off following a brutal onslaught of shots from “Chaos”. 

The welterweight bout was part of the preliminary card of UFC Fight Night 48 at The Venetian Maco’s CotaiArena in Macau. Covington didn’t need long to take the battle to the floor as he took down Anying immediately and wrapped up one of the Chinese’s fighters arms so he could rain down a barrage of shots. Anying managed to escape that assault and found his feet, but he couldn’t stay there long. Covington soon swarmed again over the Chinese fighter pinning him to the back of the fence. The storm of punches that Anying was attempting to weather seemed too much and the bout was called in Covington’s favour. 

 Colby Covington vs. Max Griffin: UFC 202 – 20/08/2016

Colby Covington’s message was delivered loud and clear when he turned the screw on a lacklustre Max Griffin back at UFC 202 in 2016. Colby wasn’t the household name he is today back at UFC 202 and was planted at the bottom of the prelims at UFC 202. The lack of stage presence didn’t deter the American as he took an early pounding by Griffin, but the early pressure opened up Covington to drive a single-leg takedown,

Covington poured the pressure on as he kept the Santa Barbra-born brawler guessing eventually breaking Griffin’s will as he peppered shots at him. A gash opened on “Pain’s” forehead and he appeared to be scrambling to his feet, Covington wasted no time and mounted the exhausted-looking Griffin, “Chaos” remained on Griffin for the entirety of the second round,

Covington flew out of the blocks in the third round employing his flawless wrestling skills taking the fight on to the canvas once more. The bloodied face of Griffin was clearly transparent and he seemed helpless as Colby continued to fire a barrage of attacks his way. Once more Covington hounded Griffin and his inability to answer resulted in the referee calling the bout in Covington’s favour. 

Colby Covington vs. Wagner Silva: Fight Night 56 – 08/11/2014

“Chaos” continued his reign of terror when coming up against Wagner Silva at Fight Night 56, The Trump-supporting striker wore down the Brazilian in front of his partisan home support as he sunk his opponent to a rear-naked choke to force a finish at the 3.26 mark of round three.

Colby came back into the UFC as one of the names on the prelim card at UFC Fight Night 56 event at Ginasio Municipal Tancredo Neves in Uberlandia, Minas Gerais, Brazil. From the opening round, it was clear that Covington was a far superior wrestler. Whenever Silva unloaded a clean strike or body kick, Covington knew he could resort to taking the fight onto the mat to holt his foe’s dangerous offence,

Once Covington dragged Silva to the floor, “Wagnao” had little to no chance of maintaining control. Covington continued to grind away at the Brazilian on the floor forcing him to use the remnants of his gas tank, By the third round, Silva was visibly exhausted and frustrated. As Silva attempted a lazy scramble, Covington capitalised to take his back and grab the rear-naked choke, forcing the tap.

Colby Covington vs. Kamaru Usman: UFC 245 – 14/12/2019

Covington and Usman put on an all-out war for the UFC acolytes in December 2019 at UFC 245, with Usman scoring a late TKO after shattering Covington’s jaw. Although the Californian-born wrestler fell short at the title bout, it was one of his best performances in the eight walls of death of his career. 

Usman and Covington displayed an all-out war of attrition, with the two welterweight titans trading huge shots in the middle of the ring for an exhausting five rounds. The irony is that the pair are notorious for their bonafide wrestling skills but not a single takedown was recorded in the entire bout. 

The centre of the cage was where the action unfolded and did it unfold indeed. In the earlier rounds, Covington was the more active fighter out -landing the champion while enforcing his ring presence. Both men used strong, popping jabs to good effect, testing one another’s chin. 

The duo barely missed a beat, throwing sticks of dynamite at each other. What separated the pair was the Nigerian/American’s bodywork. A diving right uppercut and front kick kept Covington guessing and the damage started to pile up. The couple’s tussle raged on and as the third wore on, Usman started to implement venom into his shots. Usman caught “Chaos” in the third with an eye-popping right, but Covington seemed to be wearing a cast-iron chin and weathered the onslaught.

This one proved instrumental to Usman’s victory, as in between rounds, Covington told his coaches that he had broken his jaw from Usman’s colossal shot. Nonetheless, the challenger answered the bell in the fourth like the battle-hardened warrior he is. 

Covington began the final frame as he’s ended the fourth. He knew his jaw was obliterated but was driven by his desire to change the guard. Unfortunately, Covington’s gas tank was compromised and he began to visibly flag, just as the champion’s slow-burn reached full boil. Usman threw down the gauntlet by slamming a hellacious right accurately at his jaw. Covington swallowed the shot, but the adoring fans knew the final chapter that Usman had written.

One more right hand landed and Covington toppled to the canvas. The challenger jolted back up to his feet but Usman had already wound up another huge right and Covington was back on the floor. Covington, clearly confused by the decision the referee took to crown Usman the winner, berated and moaned to officials about how he was robbed. 

Colby Covington’s Next Fight

Covington’s next fight pits him once more against bitterly hated rival Karamu Usman at UFC 268 on November 6. Since the last time they met, Covington has banked a convincing win against Tyron Woodley at UFC’s Fight Night and blown away the cobwebs before this mouth-watering match up.

Usman on the other hand has been more active, dispatching Jorge Masvidal twice and putting Gilbert Burns to the sword to retain his welterweight strap. Usman comes into this showdown as the overwhelming favourite but Covington is hoping to seek redemption and banish the memory of his previous fifth-round loss.