How To Bet On The Premier League

Following its launch in 1992, the Premier League has changed the landscape of English football. With its never-before-seen amounts of financial backing thanks to lucrative television deals with the likes of Sky Sports, it has grown to become the most prestigious league in the world, boasting the world’s biggest names, and an audience hundreds of millions strong around the world.

With all the thrills, spills and stakes in play with the Premier League, wagering has become one of the most popular ways for fans to take their matchday experience up another level. There are so many dynamic ways of lining your pockets with betting on the Premier League, with it being the best way of turning even the most dead rubber of fixtures into ones any football fan can get hyped around. 

However, navigating through all the jargon and finding the right types of wagers to stretch your money out further can be a tricky task for those less experienced in the world of betting. We have pulled together this extensive Premier League betting guide to help give you the edge on the bookies and journey through the world of football wagering more successfully. Here are all the key terms and tips on how to bet on the Premier League. 

How To Bet On The Premier League?

There are a whole host of different ways of betting on the Premier League, with bookies ranging from generic outrights on matches and the overall season, to more niche and specific features on everything ranging from player squad numbers to the number of corners or throw-ins. 

The question every football fan asks when thinking about how to make money from Premier League betting is: “what sort of bet is right for me?” Here are some of the most common ways of betting on the Premier League newcomers to the wagering world can take advantage of. 

Outright Winner

Without a doubt, the most fundamental form of wagering, and the thing most think about when they think about betting, is outright betting. An outright bet is simply predicting the winner out of two teams in a fixture, and backing your prediction with the odds provided by the bookmaker. The popularity of the Premier League makes it one of the most competitive markets for sports bookmakers, with most covering every single round of fixtures across the domestic season. 

The odds put on offer by a sportsbook for each fixture are compiled by experts that take into account every subtle nuance that could influence the final result, with everything from form, head-to-head records, home/away advantage, player injuries and any other specific circumstances that might come into play.

For example, looking at the Premier League betting odds, Manchester City might have odds of 2/15 for their home match against Southampton, with a draw offered at 7/1 and an away win for the visitors at the outsider price of 16/1. The combination of playing at home, being the current Premier League champions, and having arguably the most talented squad in Europe help to make City such clear favourites, whilst Southampton losing their star player Danny Ings and being the visiting side at the Eithad makes them such outsiders in the odds. 

If you were to back the favourite of Manchester City with a $20 bet, the returns for a wining result would be just $22.67. 

Season Outrights

Winning a league requires mental strength and a level of consistency better than all other sides. With the Premier League requiring teams to play each other home and away across 38 fixtures, the table will always level out and leave the best sides in the positions they deserve to be in come the end of the campaign. 

Wagering on the final position of a team in the table can represent a much safer option for punters looking to bet on Premier League betting markets. Whereas with an outright bet things can change in a moment and any side can end up beating anyone, especially in a tournament as stacked and competitive as the Premier League, a season outright bet is generally a more stable option, where flexing knowledge can really minimalise the risk a user has when wagering. 

Betting on who will be top of the league come the end of the season is, by far, the most common outright market for wagers, however, there are a whole host of other options users can utilise their knowledge with.

Everything from predicting the top four, bottom three, top goalscorers, and end of season award winners are popular markets to bet on, how most of the best bookmakers will offer a whole host of other specific odds for users to get behind. 


Overs/Unders betting is perhaps more familiar with those used to betting on US sports and leagues such as the NFL, NBA or MLS, however, it has increasingly found a home with Premier League bettors as the league has seen its popularity expand further and further around the globe. 

Over/Under betting revolves around a bookie assigning a number before a specific fixture takes place, with bettors placing wagers on whether they think the end result will be higher or lower than the number provided. 

The most common type of Over/Under Premier League betting market is the total goal spread for a specific fixture i.e. Man Utd vs. Aston Villa boasting odds of 1.57 on over 2.5 goals scored in the game, with a $10 stake returning $62.80 ($52.80 profit). 

Accumulator Betting/Parlays

For those Premier League bettors who enjoy more a more ‘high-risk, high-reward’ style of wagering, accumulators and parlays can be an excellent way of ramping up the excitement on a matchday. 

With multiple fixtures often being played out on the day and at the same time, building out betting slips with multiple wagers on multiple markets can be a great way of stretching a bettor’s winnings out even further. 

In order for an accumulator or a parlay to come in, all of the outcomes on the slip have to come in for a user, meaning that the risk that comes with this form of betting on the Premier League is much larger than most other wagers available. However, for those with the knowledge and desire to push their adrenaline to the limit, the end returns can be more lucrative than any other form of betting.