The Best F1 Overtakes From The 2022 Season

When Formula 1 introduced its new regulations ahead of the 2022 season, it was done in an attempt to make following easier and overtaking more common. Tyre supplier Pirelli revealed there were 30% more overtakes in the 2022 season compared to 2021, but which driver performed the best move from the year? Check out SinkorSwimSports as we look back at the best F1 overtakes from 2022 ahead of the new season!

Russell On Tsunoda (Lap 15, Japanese Grand Prix) 

After three years off the calendar, it’s fair to say the 2022 Japanese Grand Prix didn’t quite live up to expectations. The wet weather conditions meant that racing was difficult, Max Verstappen’s title was denied a fitting title presentation and the presence of a crane on the track cast a dark cloud over the weekend. 

However, in amongst all the disruptions, fans were treated to a stunning move courtesy of George Russell on Yuki Tsunoda. Entering the final right-hander of the sequence before Dunlop, the Brit took an offset line around the outside, getting properly up close with the Alpha Tauri. It was a move of bravery and cool execution, complete with a ‘that was a nice move’ confirmation radio message from the Mercedes driver. 

George Russell Japanese Grand Prix
George Russell finished the 2022 Japanese Grand Prix in 8th

Ricciardo On Alonso And Ocon (Lap 24, Hungarian Grand Prix) 

2022 Was a difficult year for Daniel Ricciardo. The Australian failed to outscore Lando Norris at any Grand Prix, scoring 37 points compared to 122 for his teammate. Ricciardo would lose his seat at McLaren at the end of the year, however, at the 2022 Hungarian Grand Prix, we were all given a glimpse back to his glory days with a stunning double overtake. 

With the Alpine civil war kicking off between Esteban Ocon and Fernando Alonso, Ricciardo followed the pair into turn two on lap 24. The two Alpines pushed each other wide under braking, neither of them giving an inch, allowing the Australian to sneak through. 

It could have been a massive moment between McLaren and Alpine in the battle for P4 in the standings but was the opportunistic move that reminded the world of the Ricciardo of old. 

Russell On Perez (Lap 50, French Grand Prix)

Sometimes overtakes are bold and daring moves to pit two drivers pushing their machinery to the absolute limits. Other times, they are cheeky moves that see drivers take advantage of the rules or situations unfolding in front of them. 

George Russell’s overtake on Sergio Perez at the 2022 French Grand Prix was both the cheekiest and best example of taking advantage of a situation across the season. Having struggled to overtake the Mexican at the chicane and match the Red Bull’s straight-line speed, Russell sensed an opportunity as the race’s VSC came to an end. 

Having slowed down sooner, Russell could accelerate back up to speed much quicker than Perez, overtaking the Mexican who still needed to match his delta time for a well-earned podium. 

Hamilton On Norris And Gasly (Lap 36, Italian Grand Prix) 

Another driver who had a difficult 2022, Lewis Hamilton spent the majority of the year bouncing around in an uncompetitive Mercedes, forced into running the team’s testing programmes. It was not the sort of treatment a seven-time World Champion should have had to endure, but there were still reminders of the Brit being the world-class driver over the course of the season. 

The legendary ‘through goes Hamilton’ double overtake at Silverstone might have been the moment of the season, however, it was at the 2022 Italian Grand Prix that the Brit pulled out his best overtake. 

With Lando Norris coming alongside Pierre Gasly after leaving the pitlane, Hamilton held back going into the first chicane. A year on from his crash with Max Verstappen that took them both out of the race, Hamilton waited for the pair to accelerate, before taking a tighter line on the inside to complete a very slick instinctive double overtake. 

Lewis Hamilton 2022 Italian Grand Prix
Lewis Hamilton finished the 2022 Italian Grand Prix in 5th

Sainz On Perez (Lap 41, French Grand Prix) 

Ferrari certainly delivered plenty of cringeworthy blunders to their own drivers throughout 2022, however, the majority of them were reserved for Charles Leclerc. But, with the Monégasque dumping it in the wall, it was left to Carlos Sainz to bear the brunt of their incompetence at the French Grand Prix.  

Desperately battling for the final spot on the podium with Sergio Perez, Sainz showed his resilience with an outlandish attempt outside of the penultimate turn. Finding just enough grip to claim the inside of the final corner, the feat was made even more remarkable by the fact he had his engineers telling him to pit throughout the entire sequence. 

Not now, Ferrari. Not now. 

Verstappen On Leclerc (Lap 1, Japanese Grand Prix)

The majority of Max Verstappen’s 2022 season was spent coasting off into the distance from his rivals but, on the opening lap of the Japanese Grand Prix, fans were reminded of the daring sorts of moves the Dutchman is able to pull off. 

Even though the title was a matter of ‘when’ rather than ‘if’ at this point, Verstappen refused to let his mediocre launch from pole settle into a content drive for second place on the opening lap of the race. 

In one of those classic ‘who wants it more’ moments on lap 1, Verstappen stuck his Red Bull on the outside of title rival Charles Leclerc, hanging it there even in treacherous conditions before using the momentum to springboard himself ahead going into turn 2. 

Verstappen Leclerc Suzuka 2022
Max Verstappen was crowned 2022 F1 Champion at the Japanese Grand Prix

Vettel On Magnussen (Lap 56, US Grand Prix) 

2022 Was Sebastian Vettel’s final season in Formula 1, but the announcement of his retirement ahead of the Hungarian Grand Prix seemed to awaken something within the German which meant us fans were all treated to some no-holds-barred fearless bits of driving. 

His final Japanese Grand Prix was one to remember, however, it was at the 2022 US Grand Prix that he pulled out all of his remaining pace. 

Having had a deserved higher finishing position taken from him on the back of a botched pit stop, the German entered the final lap of the race contesting for P8. Against one of the toughest defenders on the grid, Vettel took the outside line of the quadruple-apex right-hander, holding his nerve and finally getting past the inside at turn 19. 

It was a jubilant moment for the German, as well as the entire community watching on in amazement. Talk about class being permanent. 

Leclerc On Hamilton (Lap 48, British Grand Prix)

With another race of being royally hung out to dry by his own team, Charles Leclerc cut an incensed figure throughout large parts of the British Grand Prix. Fortunately for us F1 fans that frustration led to him letting loose with one of the best individual sequences of driving he produced all season. 

On old hard tyres (and a damaged front wing) whilst his rivals behind had all equipped themselves with fresh softs ahead of the restart, Leclerc found himself marginally behind Lewis Hamilton going into the Copse straight. But, in a staggering show of determination and defiance against all the odds on the day, he performed one of the best F1 overtakes of the decade by hanging on the outside and zipping out in front.  

The entire passage of racing during the closing stages of the British Grand Prix was undoubtedly the highlight of the 2022 F1 season, and Leclerc on Hamilton at Copse was the crowning moment in the sequence.